Self-portrait as a pink rabbit or Lapin, Lapine


“Self-portrait as a pink rabbit”


“Lapin, Lapine”

short film 5’11 , 2012

Presented within the frame of “A 100 Euros wortha performative installation about where we are, how we got there and how we plan to move on on March 9th 2012 at Frankfurt LAB

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A hundred Euros worth production starring Nina Vallon as Lapine and Norbert Pape as Lapin in Lapin, Lpaine

A film by Nina Vallon

“A 100 Euros worth”

Performative installation about where we are, how we got there and how we plan to move on

Mit Mitgliedern von ID_Frankfurt / Independent Dance und Gästen

Die Biennale Tanzausbildung und Tanzlabor_21 haben ID_Frankfurt eingeladen, eine Performance im Rahmen der Biennale zu zeigen.

ID_Frankfurt hatte freie Hand für die künstlerische Entwicklung dieses Formats und hat folgenden Aufruf am 10. Februar 2012 an eine Auswahl von Vertreter/-innen der Frankfurter Choreografie-Tanz- und Performanceszene verschickt.

“Dear [participant’s name],

ID_Frankfurt has been invited to contribute to 3. Biennale Tanzausbildung with an evening program on March 9th in Frankfurt LAB, big space. Tanzlabor_21 supports this evening with 2000 Euros. Challenged with the task to represent ID_Frankfurt in this context we came up with the following concept:

14×100 Euros will be spend on offers to the audience developed by 14 people linked closely or loosely to ID_Frankfurt. We (Kristina Veit, Nina Vallon, Florian Ackermann and Norbert Pape) will receive each 150 Euros for organization, preparation and development of the framework. We decided to ask you to provide us with a 100 Euros offer. Please let us know, if you wish and will be able to contribute until Monday 13th of February. We expect to receive a small description of your offer (if your physical presence is involved) or the object of your offer itself until 1st of March. We kindly ask for the right to decide about spacing, staging, size and timeframe for your offer on the evening of the show.

Your offer can

– involve or not involve your physical presence

– state or not state your name

– be a phrase, a dance, a score, a lecture, a video, a text, a talk, a draft, a material or immaterial object.

– be art, raise an artistic question or simply talk about works of art and questions that influence or

influenced you

– can come with cake, drinks, warm words, best intentions or nothing at all

– can deal with the following: “where we are, how we got there and how we plan to move on”

Your offer should

– be able to coexist with other offers in the same space at the same time

– bring everything it needs for realization itself (we will do our best to provide support should any

technical equipment or similar be needed)

– be developed with appropriate effort to 100 Euro-salary

The evening will last one hour (from 20:00 to 21:00). We expect up to 350 visitors. Come with the possibility to build up on the same day, from the morning on, accompanied by a technician.

Looking forward to hearing from you and hoping to see you soon.


Florian, Kristina, Nina, Norbert”

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