Untitled to Superimpose

“Untitled to Superimpose”

Performance installation for two performers and one photographer

Created in collaboration and performed with Norbert Pape and Ragunath V on

April 21st 2012 at basis Frankfurt 


The work is based on investigating the co-relation of the space of a body and the projected space of a still camera. The work is inspired by Deleuze’s writings in Cinema 1 and the works of Dan Graham (Time Delay Room, 1972). The choreographed performer(s) explore the third dimensional aspects of the space and at the same time the camera captures these choreographic moments at specific time intervals thereby creating a two dimensional compression of these moments. Subsequently the image is projected back into the performative space which in turn is overlaid back into the camera. As a result through a period of time the actual choreographic space is overlaid with multiple layers of projected images creating a time-map of the choreographed elements. Through the process of this feedback loop the resulting “Gesamtobjekt” for the viewer is a compilation of the superimposed canvas.

 IMG_1135w IMG_5943 IMG_5983

©Anatoli nat Skatchkov

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