Untitled for an Ocean

“Untitled for an Ocean

Stage performance installation for two performers and audience on four sides, out of  “Untitled for […] series ”.

Created in collaboration and performed together with Norbert Pape

Premiered on November 18th 2011 at Frankfurt LAB within the frame of  Tanzpanorama 2011, ROUGH CUTS Festival


“The economic, environmental and social crises challenge us to find new ways of thinking and acting. Creativity and innovation can move society forward toward prosperity, but society needs to take responsibility for how they are used. Today, they must be mobilized in favor of a fair and green society, based upon intercultural dialogue and with respect for nature and for the health and well-being of people worldwide.” [1] And yet the freelance performers and choreographers find themselves in utmost precarious situations, canaries of the coalmine for the entire field of performing arts, exemplary citizens of a post-fordist society?

Down a rabbit hole where the nature of things is to keep falling apart, the struggle becomes finding a grip. In a constant state of curiosity and vigilance, listening rather then looking, oscillating between empathy and emotional contamination, affecting and being affected we try to speak to and from the heart, tapping through materials that have been created in the most improbable situations and working conditions. The fourth Untitled of the series “Untitled for […]” is an invitation to approach the work in all its fragility.

The audience comes into a vast space where they encounter two strange characters: a rabbit that seems to be looking for something by tapping carefully through the immense surface, and a crying/laughing man wearing an everything-but-discrete purple suit on a T-shirt that says: HELP. The rabbit wears THE ARTS. The audience has the choice to remain seated or to wonder around the room.

[1] EU Manifesto 2009, by the European Ambassadors for Creativity and Innovation

Untitled for an Ocean (Frankfurt LAB, 2011)

Created and performed by Nina Vallon and Norbert Pape

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©Photos Jörg Baumann

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