Fake Phrases

Concept: Nina Vallon

Choreography and dance: Katja Cheraneva, Nina Vallon and Claudia Voigt

Music: J.-S. Bach        French Suite #4 In E Flat, BWV 815 – 6. Air

French Suite #5 In G, BWV 816 – 5. Bourrée

French Suite #6 In E, BWV 817 – 2. Courante

Length: 25 min.

Premiere: AUFTAKT Tanzpanorama 09, Frankfurt/Main, November 2009

In Fake Phases Part 1, the main themes to be developed are relations and co-dependence. The three performers evolve with in a specific environment and agree on playing according to pre-established rules. They find themselves in a very complex mechanism that makes them dependent on each other and each step made by one of them influences, affects the others. Choices are made and decisions have to be taken in order to go further. As the piece goes on, causes and consequences are no longer to be recognized precisely though, for every mechanism has its failures.



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