by Mandafounis, Giannotti & Vallon


ApersonA is an attempt to unite a profound desire of merging our emotive self with the creative process of a piece.

In this quest, body movement is the guide that shows us & our bodies the emotive reality in which we are contained.

States creating movement, movements felt as emotions and their combination, become lived characters in an environment that needs a body to be imagined and a character to be played.
Advancing that way on a thin balance between theatrical, musical and dramatical aspects and emerging from a multilayered approach, ApersonA becomes the exposed art work that points out the importance of being led by an imaginary moment of tension.

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Creation 2014
Concieved, staged & performed by Ioannis Mandafounis, Elena Giannotti, Nina Vallon
Lights David Kretonic
Production management Mélanie Fréguin

Production Cie Projet 11
Coproduction Theatre ADC – Geneva, Theater Südpol – Luzern, Theatre DeSingel – Antwerp, Prairie Pour-cent culturel Migros
Supported by City of Geneva, City of Vernier, Lottery romande, Nestlé for Art foundation, Swiss Arts Council Pro Helvetia

ApersonA on tour
5 shows, 1 theater, 1 city, 1 country
26-30 november 2014, Théâtre ADC (Premiere), Geneva, Switzerland

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